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This website covers various aspects of male-to-female transsexuality.  I developed the site and wrote the articles between 1999-2002, which I consider to my transition period.  It is thus research supplemented by personal experience.

There have been no major changes since 2004, although I very occasionally make some small updates, corrections, additions, or apply requested deletions.  Also, some of the original images and articles have been deleted to comply with "permitted use" policies.  Whilst somewhat dated, I hope the information is still helpful.

The articles extensively use the terms 'transsexual', 'transsexuality' and 'transwomen', which have in recent years been increasingly replaced by the term 'transgendered'.  Personally I see nothing 'trans' (Latin noun or prefix, meaning 'across', 'beyond' or 'on the opposite side') about gender as the vast majority of people in the world simply identify themselves as male or female.  I thus prefer to continue to use 'trans' in the context of people making changes to their physical characteristics (hormonal and surgery) and lifestyle in order to match their selected gender.

The site has been erratically available at numerous web addresses since its origin - indeed it's almost a history of the web as it moved through Geocities, Tripod and Yahoo.  Most notably the site was available at the URL until mid-2004, and then at until early 2010.  I can give no guarantee as to how long this domain will remain live!

With or without my permission, copies of the pages seem to be widely available on the internet, appear on various boards, and are even used on academic portals.  I thus now consider my articles to be 'public domain', but do appreciate an acknowledgement if they are copied.

I'm always delighted to hear from readers, contrast experiences, and perhaps attempt to answer any questions.  My email address is

Important Disclaimer: I'm not a qualified medical professional and the contents of this website are merely based upon my experience and research.  It does NOT in any way constitute Medical Advice.

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