Second Type Women - Caroline Cossey
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Caroline Cossey (stage name Tula) was born in England as Barry Cossey in 1954.  When only 16 he moved to London where he met other transsexuals who supported and encouraged her development as a girl, by 17 she had started hormones, transitioned and got a job as a showgirl.  Breast implants followed a year later and she had her SRS operation in 1974, still just 21.  She then began a successful career in modelling (including several 'Page 3' topless assignments for national newspapers) and as an actress in minor TV roles, culminating in her famous (though very brief) appearance as a 007 Bond Girl in the 1979 film "For Your Eyes Only".  An expose in the News of the World newspaper effectively destroyed her modelling career, although a sizzling 1982 appearance in Playboy magazine briefly made her the most famous transsexual in the world.  She also became well known for her unsuccessful battles in the European Court of Human Rights to be legally recognised as a woman.   After two disastrous marriages she met her current husband, David Finch, and they now live in America where she continues to fight for transsexual rights, regularly appearing on TV shows such as Donahue.



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